Shelter Cymru

Our 2022 events will be supporting Welsh charity, Shelter Cymru.

1 in 3 people in Wales are affected by the housing crisis. Shelter Cymru supports individuals and families who are either living in bad housing or facing/ experiencing homelessness. During the pandemic, the demand on their services from those in housing need meant they helped a record number of people. As the cost of living continues to rise for households across Wales, many more people will faced with the very real prospect of losing their home.

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The charity is also responding to the Ukraine crisis by linking with partner organisations to ensure that refugees know where, and how, to seek help, accommodation and support. Shelter Cymru helps people to exercise their rights and to find – and keep – a home. Their support is independent, free of charge and available to anyone in Wales who needs it.

(Registered charity number: 515902. Registered with the Fundraising Regulator)

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